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First Look - Palladio Silk FX All-in-one Herbal Eyeshadows

I am so excited to be able to give you an exclusive first look of the brand new Palladio eye shadows coming out in April!  They have yet to hit stores, but when they do, I really think they will be a hit!  I have the entire line to show you and they are fantastic!  These are incredibly pigmented colors and VERY silky to the touch which helps them go on incredibly smooth.  I love that each palette has 5 colors to choose from which gives you a wide variety of looks to choose from!  These are very comparable to the Lancome Color Design compacts that you have seen on Youtube alot lately, but instead of being $48.00 they are only going to be selling for $12.00.  Most of the shadows in these palettes are pretty shimmery.  A few have a couple matte colors but for the most part I would consider a majority as shimmery/glittery.... but I think each palette balances itself out nicely.  Each palette has clear instructions printed on the top as to how to apply each shadow if you are a beginner with makeup.  The only thing I disagree with is the fact that some of the high lighters marked are going to be too dark for the brow bone (especially if you have light skin).... BUT each palette does have a lighter color that will work for the brow/highlight whether it is marked for that specific area or not.  I am loving these so much!  The colors are not muddy and very true to color.  These are a must have if you are really into doing fun bright and artistic makeup looks because the colors are so crisp and bright.  Over a black base these would be amazing because it would give a metallic look!  These are going to be a GREAT buy for the price especially if you are on a budget!  Here is a few photos of each palette and a couple swatches of some of my fave colors!  Enjoy!


Boudoir Chic




Cirque d'amour




Femme Fatale


Haute Couture






I few swatches of some of my favorite colors from the palettes!

Thanks for reading!!

Carah Amelie