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Hey everyone!

I have been asked multiple times if I have a PO box... and I never decided to get one until now!  Whenever I have contests I hate having to put my real address as the return address... so one of the main reasons for getting one is for that.  BUT, some people have asked in the past, so I thought I would let you know. However, please know I'm not asking to receive anything from my subscribers or followers at all! I am only posting this for the people that asked :).  If you do feel inclined to send me something... a letter or postcard is what I would be MOST happy with!  I love hearing from you guys SO MUCH!! It literally makes my day and a hand written letter would mean the world!! I think it would be really cool to maybe make a postcard scrapbook or something!  But like I said... I am NOT asking for anything! I decided not to get an box in the city that I live in for safety purposes, but a town that i drive through here and there when I travel. Thanks so much for everyone's support! It literally means the world to me and I am so happy to talk and interact with all of you!

PO Box 1035

Madras OR 97741



Carah Amelie