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Top 5 Favorite Blushes

Blush to me is a very important step in any makeup routine!  It can literally take you from dead to alive in seconds!  I find that mid to late afternoon I tend to look a little tired and worn down, but after applying a little bit more blush I look 100 times better!!  Here is a list of my top 5 favorite blushes!  I would definitely recommend all of these to you.  Blushes are a lot of fun to experiment with so don't be afraid to try new and unique colors that you normally wouldn't try!

blush desire NARS.jpg

NARS: Desire

This is definitely a blush that I pull for daily!  I remember seeing this blush in Sephora ages ago and knowing that it would be mine someday! haha.  I love the bright neon color to it.  A little bit goes a long way, but the neon pink tones brighten your face and make you look awake and alive!  I also love this color because it works on a WIDE variety of skin from the palest of pale to African American skin tones!  It's a great color to have in your collection if you are a makeup artist! 

blush dolly mix.jpg

MAC: Dolly Mix

This Blush is similar to NARS Desire being that it works on every skin tone in the book.  My cousin who has very dark skin always had a hard time finding a blush that would show on her.  I bought her this and she LOVES it.  If you use a light hand it also works great for extremely light skin too!  This isn't quite as neon as Desire but more on the hot pink fuscia side.  This is one of the first blushes from MAC that I ever bought and it still remains a favorite!

blush milani dolce pink.jpg

Milani: Dolce Pink

This is one that I pull for frequently as well.  If you don't like shimmer blushes then this isn't for you!  This has A LOT of shimmer but I like it because it gives a little bit of a highlight to your cheek bones for a summer glow!  If you have a lot of acne scars or mature skin then I wouldn't recommend this product.  The shimmer can settle into your scars or wrinkles and accentuate them even more.  This blush reminds me a little bit of the oh so famous NARS Orgasm.  It's a nice medium pink with some gold shimmer.  It's a very fun color to experiment with and I find myself reaching for it a lot!

blush pinch of peach.jpg

MAC: Pinch of Peach

This color is a great basic!  Its the perfect light cool pink that gives you the perfect natural flush.  This is probably the blush I pull for the most and works for EVERY occasion!  It's a matte blush as well so on your natural days you just have a light color to your cheeks with out it being too over whelming.  If you are looking for a basic everyday blush, this is the one I would recommend to you!

blush stila.jpg

Stila: Convertable Color: Poppy

This color I  used to be on the fence about until I figured out the best way to apply it.  It's a "cream" finish, but I find that the color is a little to pigmented to apply with your fingers.  I use a brush and apply it as I would a powder and it works great!!  I like this blush because it's very unique.  It works great for the holiday seasons and also for the simple glam look of red lips and winged liner.  When I wear red lips I like to apply this lightly to the apples because it has similar tones to the red so it doesn't clash.  This does look a little but harsh in the pot but it can be very subtle if applied right!  Don't be scared off by dark or rich blushes, they are my favorite to play with!

Thanks for reading and have a sparkling day!

Carah Amelie