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Tip Tuesday - Golden Tan

This time of year I always do everything I can to accentuate the tan that I get through out the summer. One thing I love to do is apply a golden highlight to the inner corners and the cheek bone area.  You usually see a light white or champange color used as a highlight in these areas.  When you use a golden tone you instantly look tanner and have that infamous J-lo glow going on! :) Who doesn't want that!  Here is an example of some places you can lightly apply the highlight.

golden highlight face chart.jpg

One of my favorite colors for this technique is True Gold by Bare Minerals.  The reason I love this particular shadow for this is because its very shimmery, but it's also pretty translucent so its not overpowering.  It almost just gives a golden overlay to these areas which looks a lot better than a super pigmented gold because your own skin tone peeks through.  If this is something you would want to try I would definitely recommend picking this up, or swatching it to see if you have something similar in your kit!


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