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Tip Tuesday - Green, Nude, Gone

As most of you know, blemishes tend to be red.  To counteract that redness you want to use the complimentary color which is green.  This will neutralize it causing it to disappear!  As you can see in the photo below.... Red is opposite of green on the color wheel.


A lot of people think that applying a green concealer over a blemish is all your have to do to hide it. However, it can cast a green shadow to that area if you aren't careful.  A lot of times people will apply the green concealer and then set it with their powder... But there is a better and more efficient way that will help you avoid green spots on your face.  

1) First you want to prime your face all over.  This will help the foundation and your concealers to stay in place all day!  

2) Apply your foundation.  You want to apply the foundation before the concealer.  This way you will hide all the minor imperfections and all you have left is the more prominent ones for your concealer.  You wont need to waste your time hiding the smaller imperfections this way!

3)  Apply the green toned conealer on your red blimishes. Make sure you blend it out so there are no harsh lines.  You want to use the green shade to counteract the redness... NOT to cover the blemish completely

4)  Use a nude concealer right over the top of the green to hide and cover the blemish completely.  

5) Set your face with a powder/translucent powder to keep the makeup in place all day!

There you have it!  I flawless face with all of your blemishes covered!!

A few of my favorite products for this is the makeup forever concealer palette, the Sonia Kashuk Quad, and the Sephora concealer quad!  

sephora concealer palette.png
soniakashuk concealer.jpg
muf concealer palette.jpg

Thank you for reading!  If you have any questions dont hesitate to comment! :) What is your holy grail face product?


Carah Amelie