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Style Sunday - Style Spotlight - Cropped Bustier

Cropped Bustier

I have been really into these tops lately for multiple reasons.  They are amazing for summer along with a nice pair of casual high waisted shorts, or a high waisted high low skirt.  The high waisted trend is great for tops like this because it keeps a really good balance on the body.  I just bought a white lace one that I plan to wear under my sheer chiffon blouses.  I have noticed that some people are confident enough to wear only a bra.... (Definitely not me) But I also feel like full length tank tops are a little awkward underneath too.  These tops are PERFECT for layering under sheer tops because you aren't showing too much skin... but its still flirty, unique, and fashionable at the same time.  I have been struggling with the sheer top thing for a while now and I finally figured out that these are a must for them.  I will probably be picking more up for that reason! What is also fun is pairing a printed bustier under a solid colored sheer top so that the print peeks through a little bit!  It's a great way to layer in a creative way without being too over the top!  

Thanks for reading!! I hope you all have an amazing day!


Carah Amelie