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Style Sunday - Color Blocking Tips and Tricks - 7/30/12

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Okay okay, So I am a day late with style Sunday... But lets be real,  It's summer and I was out at the lake catching some rays! haha.  

I wanted to do a quick post for you about color.  I know for a long time, I was stuck in a rut with black, grey, white, and beige.  Its such an easy color combo because EVERYTHING goes together.  But Summer is the perfect time of year to bust out the color and rock it with confidence.  One thing I try to remember with color is don't fret too much with clashing (You can do monochromatic or complimentary).  Especially with this summers trend.  But, there are a few things to keep in mind and some tips to remember.

-Yes, you can have too many different colors in one outfit.  I would stick to 3 at the most.  This way you don't look like a rainbow, yet you have a nice variety.  

-Another tip is to stay away from too many primary colors, and too many "Crayola" colors as I like to call them.  Instead of Orange, think Tangerine, sherbet or cognac leather and Yellow could be gold or mustard.  Instead of green think mint or turquoise and instead of red think pink, fuchsia, or burgundy!  I find that these varieties of colors tend to mix alot better with one another instead of Crayola colors like straight red, yellow, green etc.  If you do want to throw in a primary color.... try adding a pastel shade of another color to keep it softer!

-Another thing to keep in mind is the color wheel.  If you remember my last makeup blog post about canceling out colors on your face, this is very similar.  To do this you mix complimentary colors.  Complimentary colors are opposite of each other on the color wheel.  Red and green, Blue and Orange, and Purple and Yellow.  Use my last tip when combining these complimentary colors.  Burgundy and Turquoise, Navy and Cognac, and Lavender and Gold!  :)  It's a never fail option!

-For summer and spring go for pastels and for winter stick with jewel tones and muted hues!

-My last and final tip is an important one and a mistake made often. Too much of the same color in one outfit can definitely look a little off.  It is possible to look like a bumble bee or a lady bug!  if you are going to rock black with a pop of color throw in one accessory in that shade and add in some white or another neutral shade to balance it out!

Thanks for reading and I hoped this helped with your color blocking!


Carah Amelie