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Glossy Box Review and Comparison

Glossy Box, Birch box, My Glam..... I'm sure you have all heard of these new subscription services.  Which one is best you ask??? I am here to tell you my thoughts.  I have been getting birch box for over a year and My Glam for about 6 months.  Glossy Box recently contacted me and wanted to send me their July box over.  I jumped on this opportunity because I wanted to give you guys a good review on all these subscription services!

If you are unfamiliar with these sample boxes here is an quick overview.  Basically what you are getting is 4-5 luxury sized samples each month.  Usually they are about travel size items that you can test out and try!  If you are like me and love trying new things out then this is for you.  Also, if you travel a lot, these are great.  I always use my items when I travel because they are the perfect size and you can take them on airplanes!  The price for the boxes vary per month.

Glossy box: $21.00

Birch box: $10.00

My Glam: $10.00 

Here is what I received in my glossy box this month:

glossybox box.jpg
glossybox open.jpg
glossybox products 2.jpg

Alessandro International Pedix Heel Rescue Balm

Ofra Cosmetics Universal Brow Pencil (not pictured.... I didn't see it in my box when I took pictures... but it was there.)

Sebastian Color Ignite Multi Tone Shampoo

Senna Cosmetics Double Dose Lip Gloss

Sebastian Color Ignite Multi Tone Conditioner

Almond and Aloe Hand and Body Emulsion

Here are my thoughts about this box compared to the other two.  As you noticed above, glossy box is about $11.00 more expensive than Birch box and My Glam.  But I do notice a difference in a good way.  The products given in the Glossy box are definitely bigger!  Not only that but you get 5 Luxury SIZED SAMPLES... plus two small packs of body emulsion.  This I like because I absolutely hate how Birch box and My Glam give little packets or those little tiny tester perfume tubes as "luxury samples" because they aren't.... a lot of times companies give those out for free.  It looks like Glossy box doesn't count those as one of the bigger samples.  That alone to me is a huge perk.  Also.... I think the lip gloss and the eyebrow pencil are almost full size... if not full size!! That is another huge plus!  You know just by those two products you are getting your moneys worth!

Birch box tends to give out alot of skin care products.  Which is great for travel, but I tend to like testing out makeup more.  Birch box has also given out mints and granola bars which is NOT what I signed up for.  Whenever I get something like that I am very disappointed.

My Glam to me is a little bit of a cheaper version of all 3.  You do get a little makeup bag every month which I have used for travel and are very cute.  But other than that, their products aren't extrordinary.  Another thing they give out is ALOT of coupons and gift certificates.  They gave out a $100.00 gift card to NUME Hot tools Company which was great.... but everything on the site was $120.00 or more.

I think Glossy box's packaging is more high end.  It feels more like a fun gift every month... and the products are more worth it. 

After comparing all 3, I plan to cancel my birch box account and My Glam account... and possibly sign up with Glossy Box.  I will be spending the same amount... but instead only receiving 1 box with better products!

I hope this helps! :)

Thanks for reading! 

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