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Busy Busy Busy....

I can't believe how fast time goes by sometimes.  My website and Youtube are my OTHER babies... but sometimes I get caught up in so many other things I don't even realize the neglect!  I just wanted to update you guys and tell you what I have been up to the last couple weeks.  I'm not gone for good... and I plan to start updating again as soon as I can.  My last outfit post seems like forever ago!  

Me and Travis headed to the Valley for a wedding this last weekend!  He was in the wedding, and I did the hair and makeup for the bride and bridesmaids!  I absolutely LOVE weddings.  Seriously... I get so excited when I get invited to weddings.... I love seeing the decor, the happiness, the love, the dancing, family and friends.  And of course... I love any chance I get to dress up! :)  This wedding was a special one because it was Travis's BEST Friend from high school!  It was a beautiful wedding and SO much fun.  But I have to admit.... I was pretty stressed out ALL weekend.  Having a 1 year old and fitting all we did into one weekend was A LOT.  I felt like we didn't get a breather. and not only that, Travis had some sort of allergic reaction and was throwing up, shivering, and had the worst migraine of his life.  It was craziness... lets just put it that way!  I totally forgot to take pics for an outfit post too... and my outfit was so cute.  Ugh.... such a shame. lol.  I feel like I'm a pretty laid back person most of the time... but sometimes I don't think I am the best at handling stress.... I tend to bottle it up and try to take on everything by myself.

I have been working on a couple fun videos the last couple days.  I am SOOOO excited to get my fall fashion video up.  Fashion Lookbooks are my favorite videos to film... but they are also the most time consuming!  But Luckily I have babysitters like crazy here.  My mom took the bugs today so my fashion vid is all ready to go!!  I also have a fun makeup tutorial too.  I'm actually proud of this one.  The editing is a little different than usual which made it really fun to edit and create!  I think you guys will enjoy it!

Other than that... Me and Travis have been watching a new show.  We were really into "Vampire Diaries" for a long time and watched every season.... but slowly moved on.  Now we are obsessed with "Breaking Bad"  Such and AMAZING show.  The acting is awesome... and I LOVE the Characters.  This isn't a show I would have been interested in watching if my husband didn't force me to watch the first episode... but I LOVE it now.  It's an interesting concept.......Basically and over qualified dorky high school chemistry teacher gets cancer and racks up tons of medical bills.  He then decides to support his family by cooking and selling bomb meth to crazy drug dealers... and gets into all sorts of shenanigans.  Sounds strange right.  Just take my advice and watch it :) Every time I get a chance to sit down an write a blog.... we decide to watch another episode.  TV really is a time suck.... lol

Well... that's about it!!  It feels good to sit down and write another blog.  

Have a good night... and look out for more posts!


Carah Amelie

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