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1 Jacket - 3 Outfits

Casual Rocker - Fall
hard and soft
colored denim fall

Who doesn't like a nice comfortable leather jacket during the fall and winter!! They are a definite staple and could be used with feminine outfits as well as comfortable edgy outfits!  I love pairing leather with lace or floral!! It gives off a unique vibe that I love!!  One aspect of leather jackets that I would stay away from this coming fall and winter is "cuffs"  If the jacket has cuffs around the wrists and waist, it might be a little outdated.  This style was popular a few years back.  To have a more modern look you want to look for big collars, zippers, slightly fitted, and NO cuffs!  I am still on the hunt for a good leather jacket for this year.  Nothing has caught my eyeand I dont want to spend too much money.  But the one featured above is perfect!!  Do you have a good leather jacket for this upcoming season?? Where do you recommend we look to find our staple jacket??  Please comment below and tell us your thoughts!! 

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Carah Amelie