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"Style Spotlight" - Parkas and Drawstring Vests - Fall Fashion 2012

style spotlight parkas and drawstring vests

I don't know about you guys..... but I have blazers in EVERY single color imaginable.  Well... Maybe not every color, but I have quite the selection.  Blazers will still be big this coming fall but if you want to switch it up like I do then this is the perfect trend for you!!

The thing I like about Parkas and Drawstring Vests is the comfort level.  I love that they are big, baggy and comfortable and be an everyday staple.  I am all about comfort these days with a 1 year old.  I need to be able to move around and plop myself on the ground whenever I need to!  The vests can be worn almost like an accessory over chunky sweaters.. or baggy long sleeve shirts!  That is the nice thing about vests.  If your outfit is feeling a little bland... throw one on and give yourself a whole new look.  They are also long enough to be worn with leggings and boots! They are very similar to tunics and long cardigans.... they cover your bum when you wear leggings... and you still keep the comfort. You can also pull the draw strings a little bit to keep it fitted and not too boxy!  I bought a jacket like this last spring at Ross and decided to cut the sleeves off to make it a vest!  I am currently wearing it over a baggy white T-shirt, cut off shorts, some gold accessories, and of course my fedora!!

I am loving this trend for fall.. and hope to pick more up when I get the chance!  What is your favorite upcoming trend for this Fall?

Thanks for reading,

Carah Amelie