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Trend Watch - Southwest

Trend Watch - Southwest

Oddly enough, the southwest theme hasn't been popping up in just the fashion area of my life.  Me and my Husband recently got SUPER into the TV series "Breaking Bad".  Which we are slightly obsessed with at the moment.  This is one reasons the Southwest trend will be making a cameo into my wardrobe!  When I started noticing this trend popping up all over the place, I will admit I got really excited!! I feel like we have been waiting around for a while for a new unique trend to come into the picture and this is the one!  Something we haven't seen for a while and I can't wait to work it in! 

The rich browns, cognac leather and bright reds, greens, and yellows is what makes this trend so perfect for Fall!  We will be seeing turquoise jewelry and a lot of leather and fringe.  It has the boho vibe with a little more of a western appeal.  Just amazing if you ask me!  I am dying to get my hands on a pair of boots!  Steve Madden recently came out with a pair that I have my eyes on!!  It's already pinned on my Pintrest ready to go! :)  What do you guys think of this trend?  Will you be rocking it?



UPDATE: the steve madden western boots are now in my store!