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San Francisco Benefit Weekend

As a lot of you probably know, I was invited to San Francisco to tour the head quarters, test out a new product line, and tour the city.  When I first received the e-mail, I couldn't believe what I was reading.  Things like this just don't happen to little old me.  I can't explain my gratitude to not only Benefit, but to you guys.  If it wasn't for you I would be nothing in this internet world.  :)  It was such an amazing experience and something I will remember forever!!  We did so many amazing things... and it just got better and better as the hours went by!  

Read on to see some of the photos from the trip!

new line clean.jpg

Above you see the beautiful new packaging of the new benefit line being launched soon.  They got their inspiration from art deco artwork and home decor.  It was so cool hearing about everything that goes into makeup packaging and why they chose to do what they did.  They chose cream/white as the main color because it doesn't visually offset the colors in anyway and you can see the colors as they actually are.  It shows the colors in their truest form!  Keep an eye out for this line.  Includes extremely soft/silky cream shadows, beautiful shadows, moisturizing lip glosses (that smell amazing) and last but not least... lipstick pencils.  These almost had the consistency of a buildable lip butter! LOVED THEM!

testing after.jpg

Here is the after shot!  As you can tell we went a little bit crazy testing them out.  They also gifted us with the whole line and these cute pink cases to pack it in!!  How cute are they!  If you are interested in me doing a full review and swatches, I definitely will.  

test table.jpg

After testing the new line, they allowed us to test out all of their other products and play all we wanted.  I got to try out so many things I didn't even realize they had!  Did you know they had a Benetint lip balm?  We also got to answer live questions for benefits Facebook page and get some good vlogging in!


Okay, okay.  This is where it got exciting.  YES, this is a hot pink Benefit hummer limo.  I was like, kind of freaking out a little at this point.  I will just throw something out right now.... my bucket list does actually include: "Ride in a limo", because up to this point I never had the chance!!  Amazing experience I must say!  Check that off my list! :) 

limo group.jpg

Here is a quick snap shot of Me and some of the girls headed to dinner.  Everyone on this trip was so genuinely nice.  Take it from me, these girls are so down to earth and chill!  I loved all of them and felt so lucky to have made some new friends!  Not only that... but the Benefit employees that put this trip together were so sweet!  I felt like they were just part of the group!  I felt so honored to meet Annie and Maggie, the daughters of one of the co-founders!  How lucky are they to grow up around such an awesome makeup line!

photo session.jpg
group photo session.jpg

After dinner we got a chance to do a quick photo shoot for Glamoriety.  We also got to watch this amazing comedian is her website (i think).  Following that was a super cute movie all about benefit and how they came to be.  They have some very interesting stories!!! I might be able to tell you guys in a later video.  Lets just say, their first customer was quite the story... and helped them create Benetint!

dulce elessa me.jpg

Here you see Elessa (Pursebuzz) and Dulce Candy (Dulcecandy87).  Meeting these two ladies was pretty crazy.  Both of them happened to be the FIRST people I watched on YouTube... and inspired me to make my own videos.  Both Dulce and Elessa were probably the sweetest and most down to earth girls ever and I found myself relating a lot to both of them.  As you know, Me and Dulce have toddlers around the same age so it was fun talking about balancing YouTube and fulltime mommyhood.  It was SO nice meeting them and getting to know them better!

april makeup.jpg

The next day we got a chance to check out the first Benefit store.  They let us play with their products more and pick some things out we wanted to try.  We also were given the chance to get our brows done by a Benefit Pro! :) Mine needed it, so I was the first to raise my hand!  They never felt better!  Here you see April diving into all the gorgeous lipsticks.  I have to say... Benefit lipsticks were never something I tried or knew anything about.  So I got a chance to try them out.. and they are amazingly soft and moisturizing!  I'm excited to get them in the mail to test them out a little bit more for you!


They also set up the window so we could take pics! :)  Here is April and I rockin it.  Love this girl by the way... She has to be the sweetest girl ever and it feels like I have known her for years!

Bridge meaghan allison.jpg

Next stop was the Golden Gate Bridge!  I have seen it from afar.. but this was as close as I have been!  It's beautiful!  We had a major photo session there... lol.  I think we all got at least 50 pictures! :)  This is me, Allison (Amarixe) and Meghan (MeghanRosette).  Both amazingly nice girls as well, and I have to say... Meghan is hilarious! You have to check out her vids, you will love her!  I got to know them both at lunch and I loved them both!

group bridge.jpg

Not much to say here... just the group!  :)  Couldn't miss that shot! haha  Also.... Top Right. That is another Oregon Guru if my Oregon followers are interested.  I have never met another Oregon girl.  Her name is Strawberryelectric on youtube.  Super nice and very down to earth.

son heart rach bridge.jpg

Here is another quick picture at the Golden Gate Bridge.  Sonia (sccastaneda), Heart (ThatsHeart), and Rachel (Rachhloves)

group full house.jpg

Can you guess why we took a photo here??  Does the background look familiar?? Yeah, I didn't think so.... lol.  I was so excited to see the Full House House, but it turns out that it looked nothing like how it looked on the show. Slightly disappointed with that one, but apparently one of the other houses was from "Thats So Raven"... which don't lie, You totally watched that! ;)

trolly me.jpg

And last but not least, I had to sneak one on the trolly! If you haven't had the chance to ride it you definitely should!  Its a blast.  :)  We rode it down to Fisherman's Warf and had a chowder bowl. I refuse to go to San Fran and NOT have a chowder bowl.