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Style Spotlight - Going Wild

style spotlight - Going wild

style spotlight - Going wild




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A new trend that you may see in stores a lot lately is Animals.  No, not animal prints... but Animals!  It's all about plastering your favorite animal on your sweater for the world to see.  In particular.. it's all about the foxes, it's their time to shine. :)  I personally think this is adorable.  I'm kind of a cat lady secretly and I would have no shame in putting in on my sweater!  Not only that, skulls have been a huge trend as well lately.  Only now, it's making the transition to animal skulls.  Not sure how I feel about that one, but I thought I would point it out anyway!  What are your thoughts on this trend?  Hit or miss?  You can find a variety of animal sweaters at Old Navy at the moment.  You can also check out your local H&M and Forever 21 for a good deal!! 

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