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Beauty Guru Spotlight! - MadeYewLook

MadeYewLook - Lex


I knew I wanted to share this girl with you the second I found her channel.  She is unique in how she edits her videos... and she does so many amazing and creative looks.  You never know what she is going to come out with next!  

What I like about her is that she gets straight to the point.  No long 10 minute videos of her doing "windshield wiper motions"... you know what I mean. ;)  Lex's tutorials are definitely for the creative at heart and for the girls who don't need a lot of teaching. They are relaxing to watch and I know when I click a video I will watch the whole thing without hesitation!  She has done creepy looks, cutesy looks, scary looks, and theme looks!  You wont be bored!  Did I mention she is absolutely gorg!  Definitely check out Lex, I know you will love her! (Links at the bottom)