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Spring Beauty MUST HAVES

Spring is right around the corner... and with that, you need the right beauty products in your regime!  Here are my beauty must have items for spring 2013.

1.) At Home Spray Tan - Okay, let's be honest, we are all vampire ghosts when winter is over.  I say be proud of it, I rock my pasty skin in the winter with pride.  I think it can be a gorgeous look.  However, when we bust out the shorts and shorter skirts... a little bit of a tan can hide a lot of things!  I am totally against tanning beds so these spray tans are great!  The one pictured above is Sexy Bronze by the brand Bask!  I usually apply it in my shower in the mornings before heading out.  It gives the most gorgeous even sun tanned look! I love it!  Sometimes I spray it to my skin evenly, then apply a coat of lotion over the top after it has dried a little bit. I find that it gives you a flawless look!

2) Makeup Setting Spray - If you watch all of my videos then you have seen me rave about this Skindinavia finishing spray.  It's amazing and really does keep your makeup looking perfect longer!  It's great when it starts to get hotter outside when you are sweating up a storm all day.  LOVE this product so much and I will be using it daily when the hotter months come around!

3) BB cream or Tinted Moisturizer - These are great for days that you are going to be out in the sun all day, or days where you just don't want to put on a ton of makeup.  They are great if you are going to spend the day at the beach or pool because they look natural, and you don't have to worry about looking crazy if you decide to jump in!  I wore a tinted moisturizer in Hawaii like crazy.  It was the perfect way to give myself a little bit of coverage when wanting to look natural.  The one above is by Benefit.  It's probably one of the lightest coverage tinted moisturizers I own, but looks great with a little concealer under my eyes and a setting powder.  Also, make sure the tinted moisturizer or BB cream you choose has SPF!  You have to keep your skin safe from the suns rays!

4) Bright Pink Blush - The one pictured above is my Mehron.  It's probably the brightest blush I own, but it looks AMAZING blended out lightly on the apples of my cheeks.  Bright blushes are great if you don't want to wear a lot of makeup on the eyes and lips.  It gives you that flirty flush that looks so cute in the spring and summer months.

5) Face Highlighter - Face highlighters are great for giving you that dewy glow.  Using highlights looks amazing when you have the sunlight reflecting on your face all day.  This one is albatross by NARS and I love it for my cheek bones and brow highlight! it's a gorgeous frosty white with gold undertones... perfect for ALL skin tones!

6) Tinted Lip Balms - The ones above are my favorites at the moment.  The one on the left is by YSL and the one on the right is by Nivea.  Both of these smell absolutely amazing and part of the reason I love applying them so much is just for the smell. :)  They are also really moisturizing for those days you are in the sun for long periods of time.  Great for a pool or beach bag, and to top it off... they give you a soft flirty color to your lips! 

7) Lash Accelerator - Okay, so this one isn't for everyone, but if you have really short straight lashes, I would recommend something like this.  I notice in the spring and summer months, I don't want to wear as much makeup.  Since I have been using Rapid lash... my lashes have been SO much longer and thicker.  Now I feel like I can get away with wearing JUST mascara and look great.  I used to feel like I couldn't pull of that look because my lashes where so puny.   Definitely try this if you are in my boat!  You CAN be one of those girls that rocks only mascara and look amazing doing it! 

8) Sweet Perfume - Time to pack all those musky berry perfumes away.  This is the season for sweet fruity scents or like you just stepped out of a bakery.  I am obsessed with Coach Poppy because its the perfect blend of sweet without smelling to young.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post... let me know what your favorite spring products are.  What are YOUR recommendations for me! I would love to try out some of your favorites!


Carah Amelie