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Favorite Product of the Month - APRIL 2013

L'Oreal True Match Crayon Concealer

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For a new blog series I decided it would be cool to do my "Favorite Beauty Product of the Month" posts.  What do you guys think?  Sound interesting?  

This month I didn't even have to think about what product it would be and this is what inspired me to do such posts.  I had to tell you guys about it, so why not highlight it as my favorite product!  

This is the L'Oreal True Match Crayon Concealer.  I think it's hard finding a good drugstore concealer. Either they don't have enough coverage, or they look cakey on the skin.  I got this one in the lightest shade and I LOVE it.  It gives me amazing coverage, lasts all day without falling into my fine lines and also gives me that highlight effect under my eyes!  Its also very matte with out any sort of glow or "dewey look" which I love.  The tip of the crayon allows for precise application and it blends in really nicely without dragging.  I hate when I try to blend a liquid product out and it just pushes back and fourth without blending, this doesn't do that at all. The price is around $8.00-9.00 and comes with a decent amount of product because it's a twist up!  This is definitely a MUST try!  I have nothing negative to say about it!

Thanks for reading,

Carah Amelie