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Hey everyone!  So I know you are probably asking yourself... "WHAT IS GOING ON with!"  Me and Travis decided to simplify it.  Instead of having so many different pages that were hardly EVER used by me, I chose to have only Outfit Ideas and Carah's Blog.  This way, you wont have to go about clicking a bunch of different pages and be disappointed when nothing was updated.  Now my product reviews, beauty discussion, videos and everything else will be in the Carah's Blog section... and all my Outfit posts will be in my Outfit Ideas section!  What do you guys think? Sound like a good change?  We also decided to keep the makeup maker because its so awesome.  :)    

You will also see the most recent video on my youtube channel on the main page. We are trying to figure out how to get this to update automatically which is why its still an old video right now.  But we should figure that out soon!  If you want to see the past videos.. you can either go to my youtube channel or they will be throughout the Carah's Blog section whenever I upload them! 

Let me know if you all like it!  And keep a lookout for a lot of new postings! :)  Im excited to get the ball rolling again with my website! It's been way to long! :)

Thanks for reading!

Carah Amelie