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Favorite Product of The Month - May 2013

Loreal Volume Root Lifter

I have been looking for a cheaper alternative for a root lifter lately.  I don't really use root lifters for all over my hair, I only use them for my bangs.  Every morning when I style my hair, I wet just the fringe area down with water then spray in a root lifter.  Once the root product is applied I use a round brush and blow dryer to shape them into my desired shape!  I used to use Big Sexy Hair which is great and also the Tea-Tree brand which is also amazing.  They are both on the more spendy side though, and I always like to find cheaper alternatives.  The nice thing about this one is that it's alcohol-free so it's not going to dry out your hair.  I also feel like it has smoothing properties as well!  My hair feels healthier and softer after using it.  It works amazing and is a great alternative to the more expensive ones.  I could definitely see myself sticking to this one!  This product is around $7.00 in stores.  I also find that it works best of people with fine hair.