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Beauty Guru Spotlight! - LetitiaLaura

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LetitiaLaura has been a supporter of mine for a long time!  It might be surprising to some of you, but I always recognize so many of my loyal followers and supporters on a daily basis!  If you are one that comments on all my videos, then i most likely know who you are, and I love that!  I used to get tweets a lot from Letitia and always recognized her in comments etc.  I later found out that she had a youtube channel too so I of course checked it out one day and loved it! 

Letitia has amazing makeup skills and does really beautiful colorful looks! You can tell she is genuinely passionate about what she does! She has really good reviews and opinions on products as well which is refreshing!  One thing I love about her is that she reminds me of a 1950's glamour girl which is awesome, she rocks the red lip like none other! :) Her videos are great quality and are always really well edited which is another plus, we all love that!

Definitely check her out! I think you will enjoy her fun bubbly personality and genuine disposition! :D

Check out her channel here!