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CoverGirl Whipped Creme Foundation Review

Cover Girl Whipped Creme Foundation Review and Thoughts:

I was really excited about trying this out when I saw it!  I am obsessed with trying out new foundations if you haven't noticed! :)  I got the shade 320, it's around $6.00 for 0.6 FL OZ, and comes in quite a few shades. This foundation is good for light to medium coverage.  I am a medium to heavy coverage kind of girl... but thats just me.   I really wanted to like this, but I found that its an extremely silky consistency almost like it had silicone it it.  I find that products like this don't last long at all, and I KNEW the second I started rubbing it in that it would be a problem.  I applied concealer and my stay matte powder by Rimmel over the top to set it since it did have a shiny look.  The foundation didn't last very long AT ALL.  I felt like it just melted off my face and you could see so much discoloration and redness by the middle-end of the day.  If you have oily skin DO NOT purchase this, you will see oil peaking though in no time. Even setting it didn't really help to much.  You also don't get very much product either! This would not last you a very long time if you wear foundation EVERY day like me! This product also has a strange paint scent to it.   Overall I was not happy with this product.  I might take it out on days where I am a little more lazy and don't want to waste my good foundations... but I would not repurchase it again!  


2 out of 5 Stars


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