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My Mascara Routine



As a lot of you may know, Eye Lashes were never really my greatest feature.  If Anything, I would say it's in the top 5 worst... LOL.  Okay okay, maybe not that bad, but they did need serious help.  

I have wanted to try Latisse for a really long time, but I didn't really know how to get my hands on it.  I have seen it work miracles for friends!  When I saw RapidLash on I decided to try that out hoping it would make a difference, and sure enough it did!  After using it for about 2 months, my eyelashes were SO much longer!  I couldn't believe it.  I think I have a full post on rapid lash somewhere on my blog and I will try to link it if I find it.  

After getting that problem out of the way, I needed to find a way to make them look thicker.  RapidLash didn't really help the thickness of my lashes, so I needed a product that would help that aspect.  

I love layering my mascaras!  I feel like if you layer the right 2... you can get amazing results! For the first layer I use my Wet n' Wild Mega Impact mascara.  This one is great because its not very heavy.  (It's nothing like it claims to be).  Now, before you get all excited... let me tell you one thing,  This mascara SUCKS on it's own...and I wouldn't recommend it for that purpose.  For first layer mascaras, I almost NEVER like them on their own which is interesting.  The reason it works so well as the first layer is because its a really LIGHT formula and it separates really well.  It's good to separate your lashes with a dryer lighter formula so you can add volume to each individual lash with the next formula.

Next I use the Rocket Volume mascara by Maybelline.  This reminds me a lot of the Benefit They're Real mascara, and the CoverGirl Lashblast mascara (both in my top 5).  This one is super black and volumizing which makes each individual lash pop! It's a great combo!

Now... for the eyelash curler.  I always curl before the mascaras of course.  But sometimes if I want that really dramatic look, I will take my blowdryer and warm up the lash curler a bit (test it on your hand before you take it to your eye!)  I like to do this once my mascaras are on and completely dry (I know sounds crazy... but it works for me).  Sometimes I will do it as I'm heading out the door to my special occasion! 

Hope this helps!  Let me know in the comments what your favorite mascaras are!  Do you have a crazy eyelash routine too?


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