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Favorite Product of the Month - June 2013

Favorite Product of the Month: Beauty So Clean Spray


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Beauty So Clean Spray:  

This might be kind of random to some of you.  But this is a great product to have in your collection even if you aren't a professional makeup artist.   I always use this before I go one a makeup job to make sure ALL of my makeup is sanitized and clean.  I also spray it down afterwards.  Makeup gets very dirty, and full of bacteria.  Most people don't clean their brushes everyday and if you think about how many times a brush goes from your face to your makeup... it's pretty crazy, and gross! This is a great product to use once a week or once every 2 weeks to make sure that your makeup isn't full of bacteria. It's just as important to clean your makeup as it is to clean your brushes!  I am kind of addicted to this stuff and its been in my makeup collection for almost 2 years.  I am surprised I haven't talked about it yet.  This product is $20.00 if you don't order the professional size.  You get 2 bottles with 0.27 Fl . oz. Definitely worth the money if you ask me! :)