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Review - L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation

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When I saw this in my drugstore, I instantly picked it up and wanted to try it..... this is where I had my first problem.  I found it almost impossible to pick out my right shade.  I hate products like this. I was holding them all up trying to match it to my skin... and went with a color that was FAR to dark (I should have opened the bottle.. but I feel bad doing that).  I must say, when it comes to foundation, I'm a pro at picking out my right shade... and man was I off on this one. LOL.  I would imagine most would have this problem.  When I read the directions, it said to apply it with your fingers.  I poured it on the back of my hand and it was ridiculously runny and started dripping down the side of my hand instantly.  Didn't like that too much but I went with it.  It applied smoothly and was really easy to blend.  It turned quickly into a powder finnishand was light to medium coverage.  By the end of the day it was definitely coming off.  I could see discoloration around my face.  Usually when a product gets splotchy on the tip of my nose it's a sure indication that its not long lasting.. and this was defnitely splotchy in that area.  All in all, this foundation was not something I would purchase again.  I'm going to say, It might end up in my products I regret buying video... which is too bad because I normally LOVE L'Oreal foundations.  

-SPF 18 (broad spectrum) 

-0.9 FL oz

- Approximately $12.00

All in all, I give this product

2 Stars