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We are humans too...

Today has been one of those days that just gets you down, and you can't quite figure out why you feel that way.  It's been one of those days where I can't seem to focus on the positive and the negatives are always right there in the forefront.  Kind of a dwelling day, maybe a little bit of a pity party... but we all have them. :)  

Being on Youtube is so much fun for me. and it's something that I truly enjoy.  When I started on youtube, I didn't know you could make money... it was purely out of joy and fun... that's why I made them, and that is why I still make them.  

I was watching a Juicystar07 video called Sad Days... and it was so funny how much it hit home today.  Seriously.. it was like, she was talking about me.  

One thing you may not see over youtube is that... WE ARE PEOPLE and we have down days.  There are times where we are feeling a little sad, frustrated, stressed, or down.  We may not always talk about it... but we all have them, we are human.  Today was one of those days for me.  Kind of teary... I think I can blame PMS a little... (TMI? oh well lol)  

As far as Vlogs go... I have always wanted to keep it real for you guys.  My vlogs were a place to show you how a young family functions.. the trials, the mistakes, the fun and good times... everything.  I think thats what makes vlogs fun to watch.  However.. Yesterday, I made a mistake.  Nothing major, just a small parenting mistake.  Buggy wasn't put in danger nor will it mess her up for the rest of her life.. it was just bad parenting judgement.  We all have done it... every single one of us parents HAVE DONE IT.  I questioned my actions after I did it.. but thought to myself, oh well, next time I will do things differently.  When I turned my computer on this afternoon to read some comments (which I normally enjoy) It hurt more than anything.  People telling me that I made a "HUGE MISTAKE" and that they can't watch anymore because we put Alaina in time-out or "Alaina is never going to learn anything if you treat her like that...."etc.  Normally these comments don't bother me but today I felt like I was being kicked while I was down.  Having a bad day, on top of getting so much judgement and hate is NOT easy AT ALL.  

I love vlogging, and I get a lot of joy out of it.  But here is the thing.  I do youtube for me, for fun... and for the loyal followers that truly enjoy watching my life and don't take me, Travis or Alaina too seriously.  I don't care if people tell me I have ugly teeth, or that my eyes are too big for my face.  But being a Mom is the most important thing in my life, and I refuse to take criticism and judgement for the way I choose to parent.  Parenting is a hard job... EVERY SINGLE Mom in the world worries whether or not they are making the right decisions... and whether they are raising their kids the "best way".  The last thing any parent needs is to feel judged for what they do.  With this said.. I feel the best thing to do is step back JUST A LITTLE BIT.  I am going to keep some things out of vlogs now.  Our parenting styles and our discipline decisions.  Alaina will still be in the vlogs, but more simply. not forever... and Im not saying this is the end of vlogging for us at all.  I think just RIGHT NOW, we have to lighten up a little bit on what we share.

Also...  I will have to delete and block people that do choose to be rude and condescending.  Just because YouTubers put their lives on camera doesn't mean that gives you the right to hate and be rude.  We don't have to take anything we don't want to... thats why there is a block button.  You know it's there.. so watch what you say. :)  I have never understood why people get so butt hurt when they get blocked.  If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.. and in this case there are consequences.... DEAL. lol

Here is the thing... REMEMBER we are human, REMEMBER we make mistakes, and REMEMBER that you do too.  You never know what others are going through in life... so remember that before you say something hateful.