Carah's Blog


Ugh, I have been such a lazy piece of poop lately.  I know I know.... What happened to this website! I guess I just haven't been super inspired.  That's the hard part about running a blog or a youtube channel... if the inspiration isn't there... its hard to find the motivation.  Luckilly with my Youtube Channel I am always inspired!  There is something about putting a lot of work into a video, uploading it, and hearing peoples responses is so fulfilling.  Not that blogging isn't.... I guess I have just become a little lazy with it.  I would really like to start back up with blogging... if you guys are willing to read!  What do you think... what would you like to read about.  Fashion and Makeup... or more personal things?  As for my outfit blog... that has been hard lately mostly because I am working on a fun video that requires me to use all my fashion creative juices.  So hopefully soon that section will start back up soon too.  But be patient, it might be just a little bit before I can start posting more fashion stuff! :)  


So how have you all been??  Please comment below!  I miss reading all your comments!  


Love you guys!