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Before I let my entire youtube following know, I wanted to let all of you that follow my website know first.  You guys are so loyal and amazing and sometimes I feel like you deserve a first look at what I am doing!  If you follow me on Instagram then you have seen some of my artwork! I have so much fun doing art… and it's been a passion of mine ever since I was little.  I wouldn't consider myself the best artist in the world.. but I truly enjoy it and that is why I do it!  When I posted some of my pieces on instagram a lot of people said they would love to have it on their walls.. or even as a color book!  I did some research and found an amazing website that allows me to sell prints, canvases, cell phone cases, lap top skins, pillows, mugs… etc.  So fun right!? I was so excited to share this with all of you!

For those of you interested in a coloring book… I decided to make some prints black and white so if you want, you can color them yourself to match your room or kids room.  There will be more added as time goes on, but for now I only have 4 pieces on there.  

As for cellphone cases and things like that, not all artwork works on them, (Composition and size wise) so you may not be able to find all the art for every item available.

I will let you guys know when I add more work!  As for now, I hope you enjoy it and check it out!