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Do The Amber Teething Necklaces REALLY WORK?

You have all seen these teething necklaces floating around on babies necks for the last few years.  They have recently become really popular and I knew I wanted to try one out. I am kind of a sucker for these types of things. You know me, I am all into essential oils, natural healing, and purifying my life with incense and blah blah blah.  I thought this would totally be right up my ally and I really truly believed this thing was going to work! So many Mom's swore by these.  Friends and Family said they worked wonders so I was all for it.

Let me just start by saying… These very well could work. There is a reason why so many Moms swear by them.  I am just here to give my honest opinion on how it worked for me and Emery… and I would have to say, I probably wouldn't purchase it again.  I WISH it did work… I really do!  But I feel like it was too much of a hassle for the amount of good it did.  

The rules for the necklace is that they can't bathe in them.  So basically every bath she took… I had to take it off and remember to put it back on. That is if my 3 year old didn't run off with it, or I didn't set it on some random counter to be forgotten.  They also recommend that babies don't sleep with it around their necks.  Which I totally understand why!  For a long time I would take it off and wrap it around her ankle for bed.  It worked.. but it was annoying to say the least.  Babies kick… and trying to wrap the thing around her ankle wasn't the easiest of things. Then I would have to put a sock on her foot so it would stay on, otherwise it ended up in the toes of her jammies every morning.  It got to a point where I would just leave it on her neck out of convenience (as most Moms end up doing) even though there was something inside me telling me not to. Not only that… You don't know how many people asked me what that thing was on her neck.  At first I didn't mind telling people.. but after a while it got old.  Mostly because people just looked at me with a really confused look on their face. 

This is when the teething came.  I have to say… she wasn't a terrible teether with her first bottom teeth.  She popped them, was kind of fussy, but we got through it fine.  But that is where I was disappointed.  She was still fussy. But the one place I do feel like it helped was with drool.  I don't really understand how an amber necklace helps with drooling… but it did! She drooled much less, and when I would forget to put it back on, her drooling would start back up.  If you have a VERY drooly baby… it might be good for you!

All in all... I feel like with all the work that went into remembering that necklace... All the times i left it in my purse after she went swimming….  All those times Alaina dragged it off to who knows where during her baths… it was just to much of a headache for what it actually did.  Don't get me wrong… if it was a miracle necklace that made teething a millions times better… I would say it would be completely worth it. But it just wasn't worth the hassle in my opinion.  

What are your thoughts? Did it work wonders for your baby?? Do you swear by it or would you pass for future babies? I'm curious to hear your thoughts! Let me know in the comments!