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How To Resolve Fights - Marriage Advice

So, I'm not here to tell you guys that I know everything about marriage, and that you should always listen to me because I know all.  I definitely don't.  But I feel like a lot of people watch the vlogs and they think we never fight or we are perfect.. when in reality we are just like any other couple!  Me and Travis are both Taurus's and I do consider both of us to be somewhat stubborn at times. So when we get into arguments or disagreements sometimes we REALLY just want to make our point. 

One thing that I have noticed that helps us is LEAVING the room or the situation.  There are times when you really have to agree to disagree sometimes.  Don't get me wrong...I think it's very important to communicate and talk about your feelings. We are really good at that and always make time for that.. but I also think that sometimes you have to let your point sink in with the other person for a while… and also cool down so you can think about what each other were  saying. I think sometimes when you get really frustrated with someone… you go deaf and you don't hear ANYTHING… it's all about you you you.  If you remove yourself and think for a while and cool down… you can compromise so much better.

I know there has been a few times when Trav and I have been in a car argument… Then, when we get to the location whether it be a birthday party or a family members house we have to drop it in that moment and move on…. because you don't really have a choice.  A lot of times we forget that we were arguing and when we leave the event we are fine… or we can talk about it COMPLETELY differently. I notice we are able to say things like "I totally see what you were saying and I think we can do that, but I also think we should have a balance and try it this way if it doesn't work." We are MUCH more willing to talk, listen, and compromise.  I feel like this works for other situations too.  If you feel so frustrated because you can't get your point across… just leave the room for a while.  Get on your computer, read your kid a book, organize your closet….. and get your mind off things.  Sometimes you can go back to the situation calmer and cooler and willing to listen more… and other times you don't even remember you were arguing and you completely move on.

Sorry I couldn't be more of a help… but I have found that is what works best for us.  Hope this helps a bit and shows that ALL couples argue or get into disagreements… but it's all about staying calm and collected and LISTENING to each other.  That is what is most important I think.  Even if you really really realllllllly disagree with your partner, STILL listen to what they are saying because there is a reason they feel that way, and try to put yourself in their shoes.

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IN THE COMMENTS: Please let me know what your advice is for this question. I feel like ALL couples are so different with different dynamics, so my advice may not work at all.  I'm interested to hear what you have to say! xoxo