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High School Experience, Moving, and Preggo Cravings

Since a lot of you asked me questions on Facebook.. I wanted to try to answer as many as possible.  But some don't need a whole post for themselves so I decided to answer a few in one post.  Hope you enjoy!! 

I did find a pre-school for Alaina.  It's a two day a week school… and its from 9-11:30 which is PERFECT.  I didn't want her to spend all day in school as she is only 3.5 years old and since I'm a stay at home Mom, I didn't feel like she needed to.  It's a co-op type of school which means there is a lot of volunteering and things like that.  This type of school isn't for everyone.  I personally really like being involved and volunteering in her class once a month. We also have to bring snacks in for the class occasionally.. and also do some cleaning to keep the school up.  I think it's such a cool thing to be involved.. especially since she is so young.  She LOVES when it's my day to help in class.. and gets really excited when I get to be there. Not only that.. I love being able to see what she does during school....What she plays with.. What activities she does.. what she has for snack.. and how she plays with other kids. I find myself to be one of those annoying moms that asks her every question in the book when I pick her up.  So this way I can actually SEE what she does. It's very cool!

Ever since I was pregnant with Emery my FAVORITE sandwich topping is Banana Peppers.  SO GOOD… and I ever liked them before I was preggo. LOL.  I find that strange.  I also like lettuce, mayo and mustard, Cheddar Cheese… and thats about it.  I don't like a ton of stuff.  I hate when sandwiches have too much going on and don't close… I find it so annoying. LOL

I am one of those rare people that can say high school was AMAZING. It was so much fun and I don't have a lot of bad memories from it.  I didn't really have any boyfriends..which I didn't like at the time.. but now looking back I wouldn't have changed a thing because I feel like that is why high school was so good for me.  I didn't have to deal with boy drama.  I had a really really close group of girlfriends and we are all still friends today.  I did Cheerleading and I loved it.  It was my biggest passion in school and I was so lucky to do it with all of my best friends.  I didn't get bullied in high school (middle school was different).  It was just a really fun experience for me… and I don't regret anything from it.  Maybe I just had a cool school or a cool class… either way I feel very lucky! In all honestly I could go as far as saying I miss it sometimes :)

High school doesn't have to be a crappy experience.  Find people who really make you happy, and you have fun with… It doesn't matter if they are popular or not.  If you find people you truly LOVE hanging out with then you can have a great high school experience.  Also find clubs or activities that truly interest you.  Whether it be chess club, glee club, spanish club, art club, or a sport.  It doesn't matter what anyone thinks either.  Do what you love and spend time with people you have a great time with!

Me and Travis would really enjoy California I think… We also talked about moving to Maui for like 2 years then back to Oregon.  We love warmer climates.  BUT we love family too much and that is the most important thing to us BY FAR.  We would never leave family for weather.  We can suck it up. So in other words… unless all of our family moves away… we won't be. 

Thanks for the questions!! xoxo