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All About Vlogging - Subscriber Question

So here I am answering my first question for my new blog! :)  Just so you know in advance… When I write… I do just that.  I write, and write, and write, and write.  That means I miss spell words, I don't capitalize all my "i's", I have bad grammar and I use a lot of these "……"  :)  I find when I don't worry so much about all that stuff, things flow out of my mind better.  So if you are a grammar/spelling nazi, you may be slightly uncomfortable.


SO, First question… What made you decide to start vlogging?  Me and Travis vlogged for a long time.  We did little vlogs here and there… and we would post random things to our vlog channel.  That's when December came around… I'm thinking it was about 2012?  One night I randomly asked him if we should try vlogmas.  He was kind of unsure… I was kind of unsure.. but we went for it, just to see if we could do it.  After that whole month… we decided to just keep doing it… why not right?  It wasn't for money… it wasn't to boost our other channels… or anything like that.  We just thought it would be fun to try.

Were we embarrassed? Yes a little bit, and at times I still can be. A lot of times I think about the fact that everyone sees into my life DAILY and knows me really well… yet I don't know them at all.  Do they think Im lazy… Do they think I act different in person... do they think I'm this, or that.  I don't care much about complete strangers and what they think… but for some reason I tend to care about what acquaintances and friends think.  You hear the phrase "Don't care what others think about you"  That seems like an easy concept… but I think EVERYONE still struggles with that on a daily basis, and you have to remind yourself of that.  It really is a true statement… and I try to live by it.. but sometimes it doesn't come as natural as you feel like it should. :)

What did Travis think? He has always been on board.  He was never completely against it.  He is a busy with work and stuff so he is unable to vlog as much as me. But he LOOOOVES the fact that we get to see the girls grow up on the vlogs.  There have been times where I have thought about quitting with the vlogs when I am feeling unsure or whatnot. If I mention it to Travis, or talk about my worries, he is always the one that boosts my confidence on the whole thing. He is always the one that doesn't want to stop.  He loves it… ;) 

Do I still have my first video?  NOPE!!! ugh… I can't even with the first video.  I remember it very clearly, but it was so funny and awkward.  Props to those of you who subscribed from that video. I think it was a what's in my purse… or what I am packing for Hawaii. haha. I remember I talked really quiet cause it felt so unnatural.  I didn't know how to edit at all… I don't think I had an editing program, so if i messed up… I just went with it.  I also used a horrible quality webcam.  :) One thing you don't know about me is that I was not very tech savvy at all.  I didn't know the first thing about filming and uploading. Travis has helped me every step of the way to make my videos better so thank him :)