Carah's Blog

Blogging away….. :)

If you follow me on FB you know that I posted about possibly starting a blog.  I knew I had this website all along, but you know that feeling you get sometimes about starting FRESH.  Thats how I was feeling.  But after thinking about it for a while… I might just give this website another facelift.  If Travis is up for it of course.. since he is the one that does the design work.. and its not easy. haha. 

So I was thinking about writing more.  I don't want pressure though.  I don't want to feel like I have to update this EVERY SINGLE WEEK on the same days.  I don't want to feel like I am letting people down.  I don't want to make this blog un fun if that makes sense.  Sometimes I feel like passions need to stay that way.  PASSIONS.  The moment you start putting pressure on yourself to do them… thats when they become jobs.  I don't want that with everything that I do.  I have kept art that way for me and I am glad I have.  I used to think I wanted to add a lot of art videos to my channel.. and keep my society 6 store new and fresh all the time… but if I do that, Art will be come pressure… and thats the last thing I want.  

So, Here is my first idea.  Questions for YOU GUYS.  You ask a lot of questions for Q&A videos.  We answer some… but not even CLOSE to all of them.  Not only that, but we usually have to keep it short.  We can't elaborate too much without making the video REALLY long.  So a lot of times, we don't even get to really share are true deep feelings on a subject.  I want to be able to do that more here.  So every once in a while I will be picking some of your questions… and answer them in blog form.  If you want to ask me more questions…. #askcarah on instagram, twitter, FB etc…. I will check that hashtag whenever i feel the need or want to write. 

Also, I plan on just sharing my thoughts on other random things.  Things no one asks.  Things I just feel like writing.  Whether it be how I keep myself happy… healthy.. and the little things in life I find inspiring.  Blogging could be a great way for me to brainstorm ideas for videos.  I can talk essential oils, parenthood, relationships, and self improvement topics! 

I am excited for this journey.. but also nervous.  The more you share the more people judge.  Its just the way it is… Im sure I will look back at this blog in 10 years and laugh at some of the things I said (Just like I do now with my old myspace blog….. ugh, face palm to the max)  But thats okay… because this is me NOW… and in 10 years.. even though its embarrassing, and even if i don't agree with everything I say…. It will still be fun to see where my mind was at this time.