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Are We Going To Have More Kids?

This is probably the number one question that me and Travis seem to get. We have answered this more than once, but people are still curious about it which I totally understand.  I thought I would answer it again here. That way when people ask, I can send them here to get the answer! :)

So, 3 kids.  hmmmm…. I feel like I am still getting used to 2 kids at this point in time!  I have always been one to want kids. ALWAYS. There was never a time in my life when I didn't want kids.  I always pictured my life with them, ESPECIALLY girls.  I grew up with one sibling so often times I would say I wanted 3 because I thought it would be cool to have ONE more sibling. Travis on the other hand grew up with 5 siblings so he is used to the bigger family and pictured a big family of his own.  

There are times when we would love to have lots of kids.  The thought of having 3 kids running around seems so fun and I'm like YES, lets do it… let's have another one. If we don't have 3 I will regret it when I am older. Then there are times where I'm like… HELL NO, 2 kids is plenty.  We are very torn when it comes to the idea of having more kids, or sticking with 2.  The more and more me and Travis talk about it though, we are leaning towards the 2 kid spot.  We think we are great parents and we could definitely handle 3… but I don't know if we WANT to juggle 3.  Sometimes I feel like if we had 3 it would be out of a "Let's just get it over with and do it" standpoint, and I don't think that's how it should be.  I want to be able to give the 2 girls I have the best life possible.  I want to be able to give them the undivided attention they need to grow. (Not saying people with more kids don't give that) But I think for ME 2 kids is a number I feel comfortable with as far as giving my all.

This next point may sound silly… but it's true. Sometimes I feel like if I have only 2… people automatically think I don't like parenthood.  If I have only 2.. it means that I don't like being a Mom.. because if I did, I would have 3!  I know that sounds silly… but I bet you some of you out there have had that same thought! Having 2 kids doesn't mean you are any less of a Mom or that you can't handle parenthood like this person who had 5….OR that you love your kids any less. I feel like Im so passionate about the girls I have and I just want to focus all of my energy on THEM. I'm so happy with our family right now and there is part of me that feels as though it's COMPLETE.

 I feel like when you pop out your first kid, peoples first question is… "SO, are you going to go for two?" If you have two, people ask.."Are you going to try for 3?" Its like…Wait, Let me just enjoy this one first!! I also think a lot of times there is a little bit of pressure.  If you have one kid… everyone around you thinks you SHOULD have another one.  If you have 2… everyone thinks you SHOULD "just do 3…. it will be worth it" and they won't be afraid to tell you that. I think we just need to follow our OWN gut as time goes on. If we get that baby fever maybe we will!  But as of now we are content with our family, and I don't think we HAVE TO make a decision now.  

So, to answer this question short.  Maybe we will… in time.  Until then we are just going to enjoy the little angels we have. Instead of stressing over this decision now and trying to make up our mind, we are just going to let it go and see how we feel later on.

Clearly I put a lot of thought into things like this, but thats just me. ;) have a great day guys.. and I hope you enjoy these wordy blog posts! haha.