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High School Experience, Moving, and Preggo Cravings

Since a lot of you asked me questions on Facebook.. I wanted to try to answer as many as possible.  But some don't need a whole post for themselves so I decided to answer a few in one post.  Hope you enjoy!! 

I did find a pre-school for Alaina.  It's a two day a week school… and its from 9-11:30 which is PERFECT.  I didn't want her to spend all day in school as she is only 3.5 years old and since I'm a stay at home Mom, I didn't feel like she needed to.  It's a co-op type of school which means there is a lot of volunteering and things like that.  This type of school isn't for everyone.  I personally really like being involved and volunteering in her class once a month. We also have to bring snacks in for the class occasionally.. and also do some cleaning to keep the school up.  I think it's such a cool thing to be involved.. especially since she is so young.  She LOVES when it's my day to help in class.. and gets really excited when I get to be there. Not only that.. I love being able to see what she does during school....What she plays with.. What activities she does.. what she has for snack.. and how she plays with other kids. I find myself to be one of those annoying moms that asks her every question in the book when I pick her up.  So this way I can actually SEE what she does. It's very cool!

Ever since I was pregnant with Emery my FAVORITE sandwich topping is Banana Peppers.  SO GOOD… and I ever liked them before I was preggo. LOL.  I find that strange.  I also like lettuce, mayo and mustard, Cheddar Cheese… and thats about it.  I don't like a ton of stuff.  I hate when sandwiches have too much going on and don't close… I find it so annoying. LOL

I am one of those rare people that can say high school was AMAZING. It was so much fun and I don't have a lot of bad memories from it.  I didn't really have any boyfriends..which I didn't like at the time.. but now looking back I wouldn't have changed a thing because I feel like that is why high school was so good for me.  I didn't have to deal with boy drama.  I had a really really close group of girlfriends and we are all still friends today.  I did Cheerleading and I loved it.  It was my biggest passion in school and I was so lucky to do it with all of my best friends.  I didn't get bullied in high school (middle school was different).  It was just a really fun experience for me… and I don't regret anything from it.  Maybe I just had a cool school or a cool class… either way I feel very lucky! In all honestly I could go as far as saying I miss it sometimes :)

High school doesn't have to be a crappy experience.  Find people who really make you happy, and you have fun with… It doesn't matter if they are popular or not.  If you find people you truly LOVE hanging out with then you can have a great high school experience.  Also find clubs or activities that truly interest you.  Whether it be chess club, glee club, spanish club, art club, or a sport.  It doesn't matter what anyone thinks either.  Do what you love and spend time with people you have a great time with!

Me and Travis would really enjoy California I think… We also talked about moving to Maui for like 2 years then back to Oregon.  We love warmer climates.  BUT we love family too much and that is the most important thing to us BY FAR.  We would never leave family for weather.  We can suck it up. So in other words… unless all of our family moves away… we won't be. 

Thanks for the questions!! xoxo

Relationship Positivity.

Travis and I decided to take a day trip today.  We haven’t done something like this in a long time, just the two of us!  Travis had a basketball tournament and instead of me staying at home with the girls like I always do… we decided to make it a couples day.  So cheesy sounding… but it made me realize what I actually miss.  I feel like it's really easy to want a “date night”. You know… dinner and a movie.  Once you have kids it’s important to keep those date nights going as much as possible. People always tell you “Make time for dates!!” Which IS true… so I found myself saying, "we need a date night" or "I want to go to a nice dinner."  But I realized.... that's not what I missed… it was time together having mini “adventures”.... You know, those adventures you had when you first started dating.

Travis and I would go out on date nights and even though they were amazing… I was still missing that us time for some reason... and I couldn't figure out why. Today is when I realized... there is more to relationships that date nights.  Today we did that, and it was so rejuvenating for my!  

Travis, being the sweetie that he is decided that he wanted me to come along.  I told him I couldn’t because I didn’t want to bring the girls.. “it’s too hard to watch the game and entertain the girls! It’s easier for you to go and me to stay.”  He said he had already called his Mom to babysit the whole day.  He planned to go to the painted hills and check out a new little area we never have seen before.  Even though Mitchell is about the smallest town you can think of… it was still something NEW, that we could do together. In all honesty it makes me feel like an old married couple going out for a Saturday adventure.. but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.  

The painted hills were epic.  Even though I have grown up in this area, I was so surprised I had never been there before.  It just goes to show… there are beautiful places everywhere… you just have to search them out.  We did a little hike, looked at the view, sat in the dirt and just talked… it was SO NICE.  We didn’t have to worry about nap times, snack times, sleeping babies, diaper changes, potty breaks, nursing, or tantrums.  We focused on each other… ALL DAY.   After you have kids you don’t realize that you NEVER get that anymore.  Not only because it takes effort to find that time… but you also want to experience those adventures WITH YOUR KIDS!  That has been out biggest downfall.  Bringing Alaina to new and cool places is so much fun, and one of the funnest parts of being a parent.  There was a part of me that wished the girls were there.  There was a fossil bed near by that I knew Bug would LOVE.  She would have loved to see the beautiful painted hills.  I kept thinking about how fun it would be to hike with her there.  But guess what, its not like we can’t go back!  We could bring her next weekend if we wanted to.  It’s so nice to experience things with your kids, but it's also important to remember who you spent that time with before! it’s important to remember to have that alone time… but to be creative with it. Dinner is great, and date nights are great… but try taking some mini adventures alone here and there. It can spark up new creative conversations you may not have had before (Or at least in a long time).  You can reflect back and fourth in a different way.  you would be surprised how rejuvenated you will feel.  

Try being a tourist in your own town.  I know that sounds cheesy or not that exciting... but it surprisingly is.  It's time to connect in a different way, and it has inspired me to do it more often with Travis.   Me and Travis are on a positivity kick right now.  We are cutting back on complaining about things that are NOT WORTH complaining over.  You can spend so much time complaining or venting to one another... but even venting can spark negative energy.  Instead of complaining.. STOP. It's a great way to stay positive. Even if you aren't ALWAYS positive mentally... cutting back on complaining is something easy you can do to help change the energy in your life everyday. I found that a lot of times we would say simple things like "Its too hard to pack up the girls" "Its too cold" "I'm too tired to do that.. why am I so tired all the time.. ugh". Even though those just seem like random passing thoughts or words, it's surprising how they can affect your everyday living.

Yesterday was a point in the right direction.  Instead of making excuses.. or complaining... or being straight up lazy.  DON'T... take that time for each other and have fun with it! :)

Hope this was kind of inspiring to you! Let me know if you found yourself relating to this at all.  Thoughts in the comments!

How To Resolve Fights - Marriage Advice

So, I'm not here to tell you guys that I know everything about marriage, and that you should always listen to me because I know all.  I definitely don't.  But I feel like a lot of people watch the vlogs and they think we never fight or we are perfect.. when in reality we are just like any other couple!  Me and Travis are both Taurus's and I do consider both of us to be somewhat stubborn at times. So when we get into arguments or disagreements sometimes we REALLY just want to make our point. 

One thing that I have noticed that helps us is LEAVING the room or the situation.  There are times when you really have to agree to disagree sometimes.  Don't get me wrong...I think it's very important to communicate and talk about your feelings. We are really good at that and always make time for that.. but I also think that sometimes you have to let your point sink in with the other person for a while… and also cool down so you can think about what each other were  saying. I think sometimes when you get really frustrated with someone… you go deaf and you don't hear ANYTHING… it's all about you you you.  If you remove yourself and think for a while and cool down… you can compromise so much better.

I know there has been a few times when Trav and I have been in a car argument… Then, when we get to the location whether it be a birthday party or a family members house we have to drop it in that moment and move on…. because you don't really have a choice.  A lot of times we forget that we were arguing and when we leave the event we are fine… or we can talk about it COMPLETELY differently. I notice we are able to say things like "I totally see what you were saying and I think we can do that, but I also think we should have a balance and try it this way if it doesn't work." We are MUCH more willing to talk, listen, and compromise.  I feel like this works for other situations too.  If you feel so frustrated because you can't get your point across… just leave the room for a while.  Get on your computer, read your kid a book, organize your closet….. and get your mind off things.  Sometimes you can go back to the situation calmer and cooler and willing to listen more… and other times you don't even remember you were arguing and you completely move on.

Sorry I couldn't be more of a help… but I have found that is what works best for us.  Hope this helps a bit and shows that ALL couples argue or get into disagreements… but it's all about staying calm and collected and LISTENING to each other.  That is what is most important I think.  Even if you really really realllllllly disagree with your partner, STILL listen to what they are saying because there is a reason they feel that way, and try to put yourself in their shoes.

Love you guys, don't forget to use the #askcarah on all social media if you would like to ask me a question!!

IN THE COMMENTS: Please let me know what your advice is for this question. I feel like ALL couples are so different with different dynamics, so my advice may not work at all.  I'm interested to hear what you have to say! xoxo