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So you guys are probably wondering why a uploaded a pic of Stephanie Pratt! well....its not because of her...its because of her AMAZING shoes! i want them SO bad, but i cant figure out what brand they are. they look like converse, but they AREN' me, i e-mailed the company and everything. If anyone has a clue...please let me know! i saw Ellen page wearing a pair as well...but they were black! I'm praying they are at least reasonably priced and not hella $$! because i want them! :)

i posted a new make up look on my blog today! its a golden Christmas this photo it looks golden orange...which is weird, cause it didn't look like that in person. either way though, its Gorg!
I'm going to upload a new years smoky eye video look out for that. i actually have a few good video ideas, but i want to wait until after x-mas because i know I'm getting some things that i will need to make them! my makeup tutorials are going to be so much better! Not only husband MADE me open my x-mas present early saying "YOU HAVE to open it before are going to need it...its for snowboarding!!" and all these other untrue things. he is so bad, he can NEVER wait until x-mas...he gets SO excited. So of course i fell for it, and i opened the gift! surprise surprise! it was an HD video camera!! :) although i cant use it to make videos yet because i need to buy a new editing doesn't work with my old one. but OMG, you are going to see every pimple on my face! ha ha..
any who.... thanks lovelies for reading and watching! xoxoxoxoxoxo