Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas 10.30.2010

 1. Shirt: TJ maxx   2. Necklace: Forever 21   3. Jeans: Ally Kat  4. Boots: Rue 21  5. Hat: Forever 21  6. Jacket: TJ maxx  7. Vest: Forever 21

Vests are one of those things that I have in my closet...but I always forget to pull them out!  I was going through my closet the other day trying to get rid of some things..and there it was, my little grey vest hidden between 2 sweaters!  The next day I decided to pull it out.  I sort of wished I had a unique colorful vintage graphic T-shirt to pair it with.. but unfortunately that is not part of my wardrobe yet... so the stripes had to do.  I like the way it turned out... comfortable and casual!


Carah Amelie