Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas 11.14.2010

1.White Shirt: Forever 21 2. Over Shirt: Forever 21  3. Leggings: TJ Maxx  4. Scarf: World Market  5. Boots: BCBG from Ross  Bracelets: Random mixed  6. Coat: Forever 21 7. Earrings: World Market

So let me start off by saying.....I LOVE leg warmers!!  This is seriously my new obsession!  I kind of wish I had some white or cream ones for this outfit, but all I had was black.  However white, brown, navy blue, and maroon are all on my wish list!  Not only do they keep your legs warm but they are super cute peeking up out of your boots!  Another thing that I am loving is baggy button downs as cardigans.  it's a great replacement for the regular old button down sweaters.  All in all this outfit was super comfy and still looked put together!  Perfect for a day at the dog park!

If you are interested in trying out the legwarmer trend, check out my store! I just added some super cute ones.  I think I might go ahead and purchase the thigh high ones!  SO cute! CarahAmelie Store