Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas 11.22.10


1) grey shirt: Target  2) Cardigan: Ross  3) Scarf: TJ Maxx  4) Leggings: TJ Maxx   5) Boots: TJ Maxx

6)  Leg Warmers: Boutique  7) Earrings: World Market  8) Coat: Forever 21  9)  Ring: Stella's Boutique

This outfit was put together based on the fact that I would be driving 3 hours very early in the morning and wanting to stay comfortable!  But I also wanted to keep in mind that I was going to be downtown Portland shopping all day too...so I still wanted to look cute and somewhat put together.  Leggings are usually my go to item when I am traveling because they literally feel like you are wearing PJ's.  I also wanted to show you guys that its okay to wear silver and gold jewelry together.  The only thing you want to remember when doing this, is keeping them far apart from each other on your body like I did with the rings and earrings!  This outfit was perfect for the occasion, and I even kept the same thing on for the Blazer game but changed my shirt to white... Being that the Blazer colors are black white and red!  No need to sport a jersey to a game... you can still look fashionable and spirited all at once! :)