Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas: 11.27.10



1) Candy Blouse: TJ Maxx  2) Cardigan: Ross  3) Hat: Forever 21  4) Leggings: TJ Maxx   5) Boots: Ross

6)  Belt: Nordstrom Rack  7) Earrings: Claires  8) Coat: Forever 21  9)  Gloves: Payless Shoes

As you can tell... Im kind of going through a legging faze at the moment! :)  They are just so comfortable, and they go so well with my boots, its hard for me to switch it up!  I would have to say, my favorite two pieces of this look would be my amazing feather earrings, and my candy blouse! :)  I remember seeing that top at TJ Maxx, and skipped over it the first time... then my next trip I decided to pick it up!  I'm so glad I did because its not a pattern you see very often!