Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas 11.7.2010

 1. Shirt: Ross   2. Earrings: World Market   3. Jeans: Forever 21 4. Shoes: Fred Meyer (curfew)  5. Scarf: Buffalo Exchange  6. Bracelet: World Market  7. Jacket: Ross

Today started out very strange.  We had a puppy mishap which caused me to get dressed in under 5 seconds.  I pulled out some black skinnies and the first shirt I saw was this Navy blue blouse.  I normally wouldn't pair those two colors together... but after we got our dog situation under control... I threw some accessories on and it turned out a lot cuter than I thought!  :)  I bought this scarf SO long ago, and it was one of those things I never really pulled out.  Turns out that after today, its probably one of my new favorite accessories!  You guys know me... I normally don't dress in a lot of color... so this scarf is perfect for throwing in some brightness into an outfit!


Carah Amelie