Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas Portland Trip


1) Shirt/dress- Forever 21  2) Scarf- World Market  3) Coat- Forever 21  4) Boots- Ross  5) necklace- Forever 21  6)Cardigan- Ross  7) Purse- Ross


1) Jeans- Macy's  2) Tank- TJ maxx  3) Cardigan- Macy's  4) Scarf- world market 5) Boots- TJ maxx 6) Earrings- world market

These outfits to me are kind of boring to be honest. Im not saying they arent cute... But sometimes when I travel I keep packing as simple as possible and don't over think my outfits otherwise I start to get frustrated while packing. I also usually remind myself that I will be shopping, so I might pick something up I can wear the next day..:)  I basically brought one scarf to wear the whole trip.. and 2 cardigans that look almost identical but in a different color.  Also... the boots in the first outfit are obviously one of my favorite things this winter!  I will try to switch it up a little bit in future posts! :)  I hope you enjoy!