Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas 1.2.2011

1) blouse: TJ Maxx  2) Coat: Forever 21  3) Sweater Leggings: TJ Maxx  4) Boots: Ross  5) Belt: Nordstrom Rack  6) Ring: Forever 21  7) Bracelets: Random stores mixed together  8) Cami: Ally Kat

I love this outfit because of the colors and the boho feel it gives!  I stayed warm due to my sweater style leggings and my super warm coat from forever 21!  My favorite thing to wear this time of year is leggings, boots, and tunics!  Its comfortable, and it keeps me warm!!  If you haven't noticed I wear this coat almost everyday in the winter! :) it goes with so many things... I love it!  I black pea coat is definitely a must have for everyone's wardrobe!