Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas - 11.16.2011 - Cocktail Hour





1)  Shoes: Ross  2) Skirt: Forever 21  3) Top: Forever 21  4) Top: Forever 21  5) Purse: Ross 

Alot of people ask me what I think are staple items to have in your closet.  A pencil skirt is definitely one of them.  Simple, black and structured!  The great thing about pencil skirts is that you can pair them with ALMOST any top in your closet to get a really different look!  That is what I find so fun about them!  I love this top with this skirt.  I feel like the baggy sleeves really goes well with the tight stream line skirt and it really balances out nicely.  I have had this necklace FOREVER as well.  I don't really wear it too often because I don't find that it goes with much.  But with this outfit.... it's perfect!