Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas 6.14.2011 Portland

This is just a simple comfortable outfit good for walking around all day and shopping.  I have been really into my Toms shoes lately because they are SO comfortable and being this far along... I need comfortable! haha.  Another thing I have noticed is my new love for tight fitted shirts.  When I first got pregnant I thought I would stick to my old style and would wear alot of baggier looser tops which I LOVE... but as a pregnant woman I find them SUPER unflattering and make me look way bigger than I actually am.  I feel like tighter shirts give me more shape and don't make me look like Im wearing a tent. haha.

1)Top: H&M  2) Necklace: Forever 21  3) Hat: Boutique  4) Jeans: Motherhood Maternity  5) Shoes: Toms at Macys  6) Purse: Goodwill  7) Lipstick:  MAC see sheer