Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas 6.2.2011


1) Heels: Target  2) Jeans: Motherhood Maternity  3) Tank Top: H&M  4) Blazer: Forever 21  5) Purse: Forever 21  5) Necklace: Target  Lipstick:  Loreal Infallible in Beyonce

One thing I have been obsessed with buying lately is blazers or over jackets because they are easy to wear while pregnant, and I can get them in my old size so I can wear them when Im not pregnant anymore!! :)  This one I bought recently at forever 21 and its my new favorite piece in my closet! :)  As for the jeans.... you may be seeing these alot in future posts.  They are THE most comfortable Pregnancy jeans, and I have been wearing them almost everyday. :)  They are the Heidi Klum brand... and Im seriously thinking about getting another pair!