Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas: 8.15.2011

 YAY! I can finally wear normal clothes again!  I loved being pregnant, but I have to admit.... I got a little sick of dressing my body. haha.  I was excited to start dressing normal, and sinching my waist again.  haha.  This is a little something I threw together the day we took Alaina home.  BUT.... Im not going to lie.... I changed into flats. haha.  but I thought these shoes went fabulous with it so I put them on for the post! 

1) Shoes: Ross  2) Jeans: Motherhood Maternity (I know I know.. but they still fit... they are like jeggings!)  3) Shirt: TJ maxx  4) Bag: Ross  5) Necklace: Forever 21  5) Bracelettes: Random mixture :)