Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas: 9.1.2011



1) Shoes: Target  2) White Jeans: Forever 21  3) Bag: Ross  4) Blouse: Forever 21  5) Watch: Macys  6) Earrings: Target  7) Lip Color:  NYX Lip Liner in Orange with MAC See Sheer Lipstick on top  8) Belt: Target

 I wanted to bust out my white jeans before labor day passed.  Not only that... but they are one of my only pairs of jeans that fit after giving birth! haha!  I haven't worn white jeans in a really long time, but I love them I might have to break the "no white jeans after labor day" rule.  Who else thinks that's a lame rule??  I think end of September sounds like a good time to put them away to me. haha.  This is a shirt that I bought with my good friend about 3 years ago and it has a funny story behind it.  It wasn't a shirt that I would have normally picked out at that time in my life... but we decided to get a little tipsy then walked across the street for some shopping.  Lets just say, that's a good way to pick out items that may be a little more daring and out of the box than your usual choices.  Im glad I picked it up though, it's been one of my fave shirts for a long time!