Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas 9.11.2011










1) Shoes: Ross  2)Jeans: TJ Maxx  3) Blouse: TJ Maxx  4) T-shirt: Forever 21  5) Necklace: Fred Meyer 6) clutch: Goodwill 

I like this outfit because its a great transition from summer to fall with the dark floral. I love this top because it can be dressed up for a more fancy night out... or you could pair it with a pair of cut offs, a baggy white tank, and a fedora for a more casul look! Baggy open sheer tops like this will be really in for fall so I would definitely look into checking some out.  I saw some at target that were similar recently.... and they were SO cute.  I almost picked some up, but controlled myself. haha.  Thanks for reading!