Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas 9.28.2011 - Casual Wednesday




1) Shoes: Ash sneakers  2) Pants: Forever 21  3) White shirt: TJ maxx  4) Jean Jacket: GAP (I got it in high school! lol)  5) Scarf: Forever 21  6) Purse: Goodwill  7) Earrings: Icing 8) Lipstick: See Sheer by MAC

Just a casual day for me.  It wasn't too cold or hot out.  Perfect dressing weather....meaning you can layer and wear your jackets without being too hot or too cold! :)  I had to put these sneakers away for the summer which made me sad because I love them.  My hubby knew how bad I wanted these shoes... and surprised me with them on Christmas! I had NO IDEA he would ever think to get them for me.  But it turns out he DOES listen to me! haha.  I love this outfit, and its perfect for having a baby.  No fuss with heels etc! :)