Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas - 1.15.12 - Bohemian Winter




1) Sweater: Buffalo Exchange Thrift store  2) Orange Tank: Forever 21  3) Scarf: Forever 21  4) Cords: TJ Maxx  5) Boots: Nordstrom (Steve Madden)  6) Earings: World Market

As you can tell, these boots are my go to this season.  They seem to go with EVERYTHING.  I am in love with them.  Me and Travis went to a few home stores today to get a few things to spruce up our house!! My goal for this year is to get hardwood floors installed... so I took the first steps today! :)  FINALLY!!  Being that it was more of a working errand day I decided to go casual.  I love this outfit because its simple, comfortable, but has some color to it!  I tend to stay very neutral... so adding pops of color here and there is really fun.  I also stick to denim alot as well and always wear jeans!  Pulling out these tan-green cords was a fun change! During the winter I hardly ever dress up and I hardly ever wear heels.  It gets so cold here that its better to be comfortable and warm... than super done up and fashionable with heels and all.